Installing new belts

Are there instructions for installing new belts on the TAZ 6? Printer had some problems overnight (essentially jammed by a print that didn’t stick), and the y-axis belt was stretched, maybe the x-axis also, not sure yet. Ordered new belts, but do not see any instructions. Are there any? Or do I just have to figure it out? Also, any thoughts on anything else that might have been damaged or require readjustment? Thanks.

We have directions up for replacing motors, and a step in that is removing the belt and re-installing. Start on steps 14 here for belt replacement:

X Axis:

Y Axis:

We hope this helps!


Are the steppers likely to have been damaged?

Any way to tell other than trying a print after I install the belts?

Steppers are pretty tough to damage, you should be good to attempt a print once replacing the belts. Just be sure to keep an eye on the wiping/probing, along with the first couple layers. If anything appears to be “wonky” turn off the power to the machine, and reach out to or 1-970-377-1111 and get in touch with Tech Support. They should be able to help you out if anything seems off.