Profile Dir Location Cura Linux

Where are profiles located at?

What profiles are you looking for? Also what version of Cura are you using? In the most recent stable version of Cura 2.6.69 pretty much all profile settings can be accessed through the settings drop down menu by going to Settings> Profile> Manage Profiles. This will bring up your preferences window and show you all your detail profiles. If you click on the options along the left hand side of the window for materials and printers etc. you can access all of your profiles and make adjustments to them.

Not the original poster (and I’m on Windows), but I’ll take a stab since it rings a bell.

I want to tweak settings from one of the standard material profiles to use with another unsupported vendor material. Profile settings let me copy and edit, but I can’t figure out how to end up with a profile setting that

  1. contains all the details for faster/high quality prints. I think I can copy these independently and name them “MyMaterial_HighSpeed” and “MyMaterial_HighQuality” but I’d prefer it look like all the other settings, and have one profile with separate settings.

  2. I can copy out of the app so that I can store it, swap it, or put it back after updating the cura app when deleting all the %appdata%.

Is there a file representation of each standard profile? I’d like to take one, rename, and push temps up 10 degrees, keep it forever. Stuff like that.

PETG. It would be cool to have them ready to go in case I need a particular configuration. Cura Lulzbot edition 21.08. I don’t have the Setting drop down menu

We do not have any PETg profiles for Cura 21.08, but we do have them in the 3.2 branch in the experimental section.

If you would like to use 21.08, nGen profiles will be a great starting point for you. PETg and Amphora print with nearly the same settings from our testing. If you would like to try out the latest cura, you can find details on how to get it set up here: