Saving/restoring profiles in CURA 3.2.27

I’m using CURA 3.2.27 with a TAZ 5. I did a lot of experimenting to create a decent custom profile for my task, clicked “Create new profile from current setting”, and gave it a meaningful name. I shut down CURA to do something else, then restarted it later. Now I can’t figure out how to retrieve that supposedly saved profile. It doesn’t appear anywhere. Moreover, I used Windows Explorer to search my hard drive for a file of that name and no such file appears. So either CURA changed the name, or it never got saved. Where are user-saved custom profiles stored? And how do I get back my profile?

To access your saveds profile first, select whatever Material profile you selected when you created your new profile. Once you have selected the Material that was used to create the profile, your saved profile should be listed along with the high detail, standard, and high speed profiles in the Profile drop down menu.

I’ve had the same trouble with 3.2.32. Sometimes when I load the program my saved custom profiles don’t appear in the drop down list. Restarting Cura at least once or twice seems to fix the issue, but the fact that they disappear at all doesn’t inspire confidence.