Project LaserScythe - Or, what exactly do you do with leftover TAZ rods?

Here is a little preview of the project I have been working on in my spare time. It’s designed to use as many spare parts left over after Taz modifications as I could. It’s patterned loosely after the 3dpburner project, though I didn’t actually end up using any of his parts. This will be released open source as soon as I finish up the final assembly and make sure everything works.

Top crossbar is an Openbuilds 20mmx20mm extrusion and mini wheels, lower rods are 10mm TAZ rods. The lower crossbar is actually a drawer separator from a steelcase filing cabinet that shouldn’t be too hard to find. Baseplates are large cutting boards.

Should be operational later in the week. We are building a nice safety enclosure with lockouts and emergency stop buttons for it to live in as well, which is currently offsite so no pictures of it yet.

Very Cool! :open_mouth:

Please consider building a micro sized plasma cutting table. Now that would get my attention!

Awesome, thanks! HacDC could actually use this design, given the rods from my Taz3.

The main complicating factor there would be I know nothing about plasma cutting. Whats the smalles plasma cutter head available look like?

Finished it all up, it passed testing with flying colors. I need to take some pictures, write everything up and upload all the files. That will likely happen this weekend.

Nice work! Looks like an interesting build…

Thanks! it was fun to put together! The project files are now live here:

It’s alot of files so I’m not going to upload them here as well, but if anyone wants other formats, just let me know as usual.