Project Pink Mini

“You can have any color Lulzbot, as long as it’s black” For now…

awwwww man, I remember printing Lulzbots in all kinds of crazy colors.

I’m partial to the lime green for prototypes.

It looks like Cerakote is a good option to cover the stock Lulzbot powdercoating

Toolhead is built and all nearly all parts are printed. Pink Ninjaflex bed corners will be done Monday.

Nice! talk about trying something different. Ill be looking forward to see how the pink NinjaFlex works out with the current pink parts. Hopefully it will color match

Chassis is now refinished, time to start assembly!
Check out how the etched logos on the electronics enclosure are still visible after the overcoating.


Nice Project Jamie!

I personally think it would look good with a little bit of more black to pink ratio for contrast, but that’s just me. Just in case your black IGUS cable chain is too obvious you could try printing your own in pink. I forgot to buy one cable chain connector set for my mini, so i had to resort to printing my own. So far so good. I put the CAD and STL files for the chain on Thingiverse:

The pink Mini is operational! We now just need to tidy up the wiring and calibrate it. It’s made successful test prints.
In the intervening time, we’ve reprinted some parts to updated “gladiola” versions- cable cover, idler, latch, and others.

Nice !

How do you do to avoid ABS warping and layer separation without enclosure ?

The only ABS we typically print anymore is to make parts from LulzBot production .gcode files, which print REALLY fast, and at up to 250C, so warping and splitting is pretty much eliminated.

Day to day, we print either:

We now only suggest ABS for:

  • heat soak handling at a reasonable price
  • solvent welding or smoothing
  • OE parts printing.


I’m pretty sure i’m one of the few people on the planet left that actually prefers printing with ABS.

You are not the only one that prints in ABS. But I do print with other types also, but most are ABS. I would prefer the co-poly ones but the one I like is the most $$. Go Figure!!! :laughing:

The Pink Mini is totally finished! Many pics here