replacement of green big gear

Hey guys,

Looking at printing a spare large green gear. Found the solid on the USB drive. Do I just print it using standard ABS and in fine print mode? Is he gear made of ABS?

Where can I find directions on how to replace it when the day comes that it eventually wears out?

Are there any other recommended parts I print out that are known to wear out more quickly?


How to documents are at If you go to the LulzBot downloads page you’ll find a link to the Mini Source, which will have all of the printable parts, plus everything else you need in order to make your own mini.

I expect anything reasonably high-strength will work (HIPS, ABS, Colorfabb XT, Nylon), but I have no idea what they’ve printed theirs with. It may be in the source documents.


I have had to more often replace the small gear than the large gear. But they use ABS to print the parts as far as I have found out! :slight_smile:

I have taken one of their pre-‘tweaked’ gcode files for other parts and made myself a profile for Cura that uses the infill and speed settings they use in those files to make my own parts.

What’s crazy, is that I was considering adding different colors to mine. And using their profile, seems to print better than what mine was shipped with… Not that, that necessarily means anything… As I’m sure that speed is an issue during production… But cool to know that they offer their settings, which seem to print better…

Well at least with some parts…