Prusa i3 MK3, filament size


I’have a taz 5 and I’m considering to buy a prusa i3 MK3. But, I’d like to have the same filament size.

What should be the best option, convert my taz 5 to 1.75mm ? or convert a i3 mk3 to 3.00m ?


TAZ 5 to 1.75mm would be my suggestion. We have complete 1.75 toolheads and 1.75 hexagon hotends if you want to DIY- Just print a 1.75mm extruder body to go with it.

Great, where can I find 1.75mm extruder body stl files ? Is it from lulzbot or thingiverse ?

Is there any ‘performance lost’ to downgrade to 1.75mm ?

There is a topic on upgrades that has a link to a prototype 1.75 body on the development site. There are also a couple models/links on making a 1.75 extruder for a Taz on thingiverse you might look at.

Thanks :wink:

I’d watch the attached interview with the E3d guys below. They get into crazy amounts of detail about the engineering behind extruders and hot ends. Half way through the interview they reflect on their choice to focus on 1.75mm filament, and it sounds like 3mm might be a better choice thermal consistency because the filament moves through the hot end more slowly. This statement applies more to higher volume extrusion applications. Regardless, watch this video it’s a real eye opener.