Purchasing a 3D Printer?

Good day! ; :smiley:
Guys, I’m wanna buy a neat 3D printer for myself, unfortunately I’m kinda new to the whole idea. Searched around on the web for the ideal one (Including this site), however theres one in particular that caught my eye the other day, which was this one:


What do you think guys, should I invest into that one or something else? :open_mouth:
Thanks in advance! :3

I’d recommend investing in a printer from an established company that is 100% more likely to result in you receiving and actual end product personally. Lulzbot is a good company to go with, but if you don’t want to go with them for whatever reason, try “Any other printer manufacturer on the planet other than a kickstarter / indegogo vaporware company”

Sure sometimes some people occasionally get printers from those. But a lot of times people either don’t get anything, or what they do get is crap.

Watch what you say. I purchased my lulzbot off indiegogo back in November 2013 and i’ve had a ton of problems starting with the firmware retracting at atrocious speeds. Because I am a noob, It took me months to diagnose the problem.

All in all lulzbot is still the best bang for your buck and a great printer to learn with. I would buy it again, but not off a kickstarter.

It wasn’t just the indiegogo machines that had a retraction speed problem. Same thing here. Printing pretty good now though.

I would recommend the Taz if it is in your price range. I would think the kit version of the Taz would be a fun project, when it comes out.

The TAZ 4 is a very good 3-d printer, maybe the best for the buck, I’m liking the support with upgrades I have installed, while 3-d printing is an art I’d say any smart dedicated artist or engineer can benefit from this easy to use product. I did an enormous amount of online research to find the printer with the largest build volume, highest accuracy, best reviews and flexibility of use concerning software suites. For example I just sliced a new model with “Matter control” which is printing with very little adjustment away from the stock settings.

If you want a fused filament printer, the TAZ 4 will get you there, in 30 minutes after you setup your TAZ you can be printing in 3-d, then the amount of free 3-d models on the internet is astounding, try out Ultra PLA, I prefer it for my models.

Don’t Just Wait and trust to fate and say that’s how it’s meant to be- Don’t sell your dreams for small desires- save up and realize your dreams. I love this quote.

If you can see what are looking for and you like it buy it! I made the fate thing… Read and Read some more. Now I have found what I’m going to get. This time it’s going to be CHRISTMAS :mrgreen: