Lulzbot Taz Pro vs Raise 3D Pro 2

Hi everyone!
It’s my first post here, so please forgive me for stupid questions.

I’m standing in the front of the hard decision, i want to buy 3d printer for my company. We will print mostly models and mother molds for silicon casting. We need something that will last and something we can rely on. I did big research and our budget is allowing us to chose between Lulzbot Taz Pro and Raise 3D Pro 2. Can you help to chose? Anyone had experience with this printers? Due to situation in the company i didn’t get any answer from customer service so i started to look for another printer like Raise.

I think the TAZ Pro would be a good printer.

The LulzBot brand is known for durability. Aleph Objects has famously run production batches on over 150 LulzBot printers running 24/5.

I can’t speak to the TAZ Pro, but at my company we’ve found the TAZ 6 to be a solid machine.

Best of all, LulzBot printers are free/libre and open-source hardware and software, so you can study and improve them and you’re not solely dependent on the manufacturer for support and maintenance.

I think Lulzbot printers are best, so I suggest you buy a Lulzbot Taz Pro Printer.

Thank You all for response but finally we decided to add a bit to our budget and we’ve purchased Ultimaker s5. I didn’t get any response from Lulzbot support and actually I didn’t get any offer for a printer-it’s wired that they don’t care about even selling their stuff… wouldn’t change s5 to anything else