Question about LEDs and the Arduino board

I would like to add some LED strips to my printer, partly because the lighting in my apartment isn’t so great and partly because it would look awesome. I know I can buy LED strips just about anywhere, but what I’d really like is for them to come on when I flip the power switch on my printer on. Is there a way to wire them up to the Arduino board so that this happens?

There are a couple ways to do this. The main difficulty I ran into is the Taz is 24 volts, the LED’s are usually 12V. You can put a resistor in front of the LED’s and power them directly off the power supply input off the main switch if you are electrically savvy enough to do that (Warning, electricity may eat your brain and may void your warranty, do not try this at home standard disclaimer etc.)

What I ended up doing is running a separate 12v utility power supply to the back of the Taz. This way I can tie into that power source for my 12v bed level induction sensor. I combined that with the Blinky LED project here:
You can get the printable lightbars and bits there. I wanted a separate switch for my lights, so I put it on the blinky light box in front of the Y axis frame. You coould easily tie into the existing main power switch if you didn’t want the ability to separate the two switch functions.

Just type in 24v LED strip into ebay. I got 1,200 results. You should easily find one you like that is already 24v