Intro and question about LED lightning mods

Hey gang…

Just pulled the trigger and ordered a Mini. Moving up from a M3D Micro. I have not gotten it yet, but had a few questions. I want to put some LED lighting in the Mini. I’ve not landed on the final soln, but am considering a few light strips, controlled by a Duino and some fets. I am considering having different modes, i.e turn on when movement starts, and off after idle period, and just a simple on/off switch.

  1. Does the power supply output 12V?
  2. Does it have separate terminals that I can use? Or is there somewhere you can tap into 12V?

It is a 24 volt supply inside, so there is no 12 volts to use.

thx. I saw a similar thread where he pulled apart a wall wart and wired it up inside.

You can either use a step down buck converter, or run a separate 12v power supply in, or purchase 24v LED lights.

This was my solution using a $5 Eveready 6V flashlight and sacrificing an old USB mini cable that nothing uses anymore:

The light clips to the frame, soldered positive from USB to one side of the switch that comes with the flashlight, and positive to the light module to the other side. The USB negative is soldered to the big pad in the center where the battery’s negative spring would touch. Then I just press the switch when I want to turn it on and off. USB 5V seems plenty bright. The recent version of the classic yellow 6V flashlight has a single LED, but a person commented that they used that and it seems brighter than the old 3 LED version that I used. Anyway, if you decide to go the ultra-simple route, this would be an option.

This is the flashlight I’m talking about: The Home Depot in my area always has these at the checkout. The crazy thing is that the flashlight/battery combo is only about 30 cents more than the battery alone.