Taz 6 LED set up

Ok i’ve read everything in there is to read about adding LED’s to Taz. At least I think I have. I’d like to add multi color LED to my printer and have it controlled by OctoPrint. Found two plugins, has anyone done this? Do you have a guide or something with more info? I can do this, I just need better instructions. My knowledge of Arduino is limited. I found 2 plugins,

Love this one!

This one is would work too:


Just would like to find some sort of wiring diagram and a guide with instructions on how to integrate Raspi and Arduino…

Well, this one is controlled off the Rambo board itslef, not the PI, but you could use the case
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2203592 There is a link to the build thread with instructions and the sample firmware, which will NOT work with na stock 6, you’ll have to code your own.

If you want the overhead gantry lighting too, I reccommend this one:

I guess i can add neopixel / dotstart to my plugin