Rafts not working in SLIC3R

Has anyone noticed that Rafts do not seem to work in SLIC3R, I am in expert mode and defined the value as 3 but nothing during print. Then I went ahead and enabled the option for Support Material (even though Rafts has its own sectioned off area, i figured enabling Support material might be required), still nothing. This is on SLIC3R 0.9.9 on Windows 8.1

Has anyone else been finding a similar issue?

Hi again,

I have not run into this issue, though I rarely need to use a raft so maybe that’s why.

Can you post the .stl and .gcode that you have generated? Have you seen gcode.ws ? Its an awesome .gcode previewer, and allows you to see if certain features of the slice turned out the way you wanted them to before you print. It is similar to the click-on-the-yellow-grid-and-hold-shift-and-scroll-down preview in pronterface but with more informations and prettier too!