Raspberry Pi & Octoprint Performance Check

I recently switched over to Octoprint and am using an older RPI model B. I find the Web interface performance slow. Loading takes 10-30 seconds and switching between tabs can take 5-10 seconds. I also have a Logitech 270 webcam which is very slow with refreshes. My Pi is connected via LAN as well, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Wondering Iif anyone is using the newer Pi 2 and can comment if its performance will help improve these issues? I’m thinking of getting the 1GB version.

Well I tried the newer PI yesterday, with the built in webcam software and I think that is what is really causing the slow response. I have another at home I use on my TAZ and it zips along great using a network webcam. The only difference is one is using the PI for video and the other is getting that supplied from a separate video device. The older to newer RPI seemed to be a big improvement to me.

I just donated my old PI B to the local makerspace as it just was too slow to use. :frowning:

But they have nothing so it is better than that. :laughing:

I’ve experienced slow downs after couple weeks of use. Not sure the root cause.

Update to the latest software or switch to the devel. Keeping the files section clean may also help performance.

If all else fails, reload the Octopi image. They need a tool to backup the Octoprint configurations. In the meantime, tar up the .octoprint directory as a backup.

I have the latest Pi on my Mini with a Logitec camera.
I am very satisfied with the response. File transfers are fast, and the video is maybe just a little bit jumpy, but acceptable. It’s not as good as with a dedicated webcam, but certainly acceptable to me.
It is hardwired into my local network, no Wifi.



I’m also running an old Pi B and can confirm it’s quite slow. I’m running over WIFI though.

I’m using a Pi 2, the newer faster version and the RPi camera module. I find performance quite good for the things I have tried. I haven’t tried using the built in slicer, but uploading gcode, navigation, watching the print, all perform well. The Pi is wired, I access it over wired and wifi without issues.

It’s been running less than a week, so I can’t speak for long term use. I imagine the files section and the timelapse section filling up could cause performance problems both with memory and SD card I/O.