Removing GT2, 16 Teeth Timing Pully

I have been trying to remove the GT2 timing pully from my X & Y axis motors on my TAZ 6 in order to adjust it for some motor vibration reducers. I was able to remove the X axis using a 1.25 mm hex wrench with a little work, but the Y axis motor’s seems stuck on. The set screws are either stripped, the threads in the socket are stripped or both. I tried a fresh, unused 1.25mm wrench, with no change.

It would be nice if that set screws used a larger wrench size, like 1.5 or 2mm.

So would anybody care to recommend a better timing pully replacement that would be easier to adjust, with perhaps larger set screws?


IIRC I had to use an imperial hex key as opposed to metric. I believe I read it here somewhere, but it was a tight fit with no slop like it should be.

Oh here it was:

Thanks for the reference and thread link. Still seems to be a bad choice of a set screw size for them.

Here’s one I found on Amazon that uses an M4 set screw that I think is compatible.
But I want to be sure before I order the replacement. Maybe you or others can comment.


Well I ordered the above and they seemed compatible. I drilled off the stripped set screws on the others, and replaced with these. They seem to be the same size (well not exactly, but close enough) and were easier to set and adjust.