Replace my Taz 5 with Taz 6?

I have an opportunity to get a great deal on a nearly new Taz 6 and then maybe sell my Taz 5 locally or on Ebay.

Is the Taz 6 print quality better than what the Taz 5 can do? Can it print at a higher resolution?

I already have a Taz 5 that has Tim Pierce’s Z-anti wobble installed (thanks TIM!), itworks3d E3D Titan Aero Toolhead (thanks Jamie!) installed and I updated Marlin 1.1.4 (Thanks Sebastian!) . It has been rock solid, but print quality is not as nice as my Cube 3 (70nm) in PLA. I also rarely have to level the bed, and tend to use Simplify3D more than Cura.

I planned on adding Tim’z X axis and possibly Y axis mods, as I do notice the Taz 5 print head mount wobbles slightly so hoping v-rails will remove the minor print noise and banding the X and Y tend to have.

I am on the fence, the Taz 6 is sexy. I assume the Taz 7 will be out soon too, so there is that too…


There are openbuilds mods for the x and y taz 6 as well as an anti wobble for that too. The later taz 5s share a power supply with the 6, and the board and lcds are the same. The main electrical difference is the auto leveling and the extra hot end fan. If you are leaving the x rods the 6 is better than the 5. If you are swapping them out, either works

Thanks Tim. I have a late Taz 5.