MinTemp Error after failed print on Taz6

Hey guys, I started a print last night and when I looked at it this morning, somehow the screw that holds the extruder had come out and disappeared, and caused the filament to birdsnest and stick all over the hot end. I used a heat gun to get most of the filament off, but now when I try to pre-heat or print, I get a MinTemp error message. Any idea why this is happening?

Sounds like maybe the thermistor wires suffered a “meltdown”. You can check it with an ohm meter and a careful wave by of your heat gun (i.e. don’t get carried away). The resistance should change as heat is applied. Just a little should be enough to verify.

So I changed out the thermistor and it didn’t give me any errors right away, but after about a minute I got a MaxTemp error. Did I hook something up wrongly?

How a thermistor reads temperatures is the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance on the thermistor.

So if you are getting a MAXTemp error, likely your thermistor is shorting to something or its wires are contacting one another.

That short would cause a lack of resistance, which would then cause the printer to see a very high temperature, thus throwing the MAXTemp error.

If you hooked something up wrong it probably woudn’t even read the temperature right when not printing. If it doesn’t Maxtemp right when you turn it on, and if the printer has cooled to room temp, it should show that on the screen, somewhere around 20 degrees C.

If it does read around 20 that doesn’t mean all is right, but it is a first quick check.

Thanks guys, I realized I had the black/red pins switched. When I removed the two pins and flipped them, everything worked perfectly. Thank you!