would this thermistor work?

Okay, I have found that my thermistor is damaged. I know that the one in the lulzbot store is a 10k epcos thermistor.

Would this work as a replacement?


Well EPCOS is larger and does not fit into the hole for the thermistor. It is a Semitec thermistor that goes into the hexagon.

I-T-W.com usually has refurbished thermistors pretty inexpensivly too. Might be worth grabbing one there since they will be pre crimped and terminated usually.

Wait, it’s too large to use? Why does lulzbot help desk recommend me to buy it then? (Serious question, no sarcasm)

I am new to the know the compatible parts for my printer, so I appreciate your help and patience

those were the correct ones for the older Buddaschnozzle printer hot ends I believe.

I can not say why they told you that, but that is not what was verified when I inquired yesterday. But the Budaschozzle used the axial Honeywell thermistor. I think the ‘original’ prototype Hexagon type(all metal) hotends used a EPCOS sized thermistor, and it was held in with Kapton tape.