Looking for alternative block for Hexagon Hotend

I have a TAZ 6 that came with the hexagon hotend. While attempting to clean the printer after using it the past few years I accidentally tore the wire for the old thermistor. Replacing the thermistor seems to be a pain, and I ordered a new one from Semitec. I’m struggling to figure out how to fit the thermistor, properly protect the leads from shorts, and get it to stay in the block. I’m about sick of this thermistor design and lack of replacement parts for this block, so I’d like to try a new block. If you do have any advice on the thermistor situation though, do let me know.

I’d like to replace as little as possible, so if I can keep most of the hotend that would be great. I would mainly just like a different block to fit everything, but with a different style thermistor that isn’t a pain to replace. Is there anything out there that meets my needs?

I got a e3d v6 modded extruder on ebay, it’s been great. Even if you don’t wan a new head, you can looks at his images for inspiration.

Thanks for the reply! Do you know if the E3D v6 block will fit most of the original components? Do the heating element and screw holes match?