Taz 4 Hotend Replacement

So I snapped the extension tube on my Budschnozzle trying to remove the nozzle. What is the most effective fix? Try to find a replacement tube and nozzle? Purchase a new Budaschozzle? Hexgaon? E3D?

I-T-W.com does have some repair parts https://itworks3d.com/product-category/parts/3d_printer_hotends/ , but I would encourage you to go with a hexagon or an E3Dv6. The problem you will have at this point is that going with a different extruder requires a different extruder printed body.

Any difference between the two hotends that makes one more favorable than the other?

The e3dv6 and hexagon will print 300c materials. The e3dv6 is slightly better at printing corners.

To be honest, the E3D V6 has been more reliable for me. My Taz with the V6 would run material that would continually strip at the hobbed bolt on the Hexagon equipped machines. The Hexagon is good but I do see a reliability advantage in the E3D. If someone is moving from the Buda to an all metal unit, I would recommend the E3D.