Replacing the stock parts

I’d like to print out more colorful parts for my Taz 5.

Does anyone know what material the stock printed pieces are made of?

Is it important I use any particular material? I assume PLA will work, just wanna be sure.

Any tips for when I’m printing them out? What infill should I use? Any alternative parts that stand out as “must-have” I should make?

I’m still pretty new to this.


They are made from ABS, most of them should be OK or maybe even better made from pla because it’s more stiff. But think about operating temperature, don’t use pla on parts connected to a heart source,for example the parts where a stepper motor is connected to!

I can only agree on this point, i have a taz clone which is printed in PLA and after a 6 hour print the stepper bolts melted through the plastic. So now i am making a temporary solution, until i can print new parts…

As for the infill my guess would be around 100% on most parts, you can find the gcode for the parts at: those gcodes are for ABS.

If somebody here does not have the answer to the infill, you can try to check the gcode in a gcode viewer like And skim though the layers and check if you see any lower infill typically lines crossing or other patterns.

I have printed several replacement parts with ABS at 75% infill. I have had no problems with them.

I have used ABS, HIPS, Nylon and t-glase. All worked quite well. (The red t-glase is very pretty. :smiley: )

I didn’t think about the heat from the stepper, thanks! Do they really get hot enough to melt pla? So that means I shouldn’t use pla on the extruder parts that are near the hotend?

Yes. My extruder stepper is about 55°, z steppers are a little bit cooler, x and y a little bit hotter.