Recommended Spare Parts

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to the world of 3D printing. Started out by purchasing a TAZ 6.

Since I don’t have a second printer, it would be nice to print out the most commonly worn out parts ahead of time. Does anyone have any recommendations of spare parts that wear out over time that I should print out and have on hand?

The most likely failure points from wear in this order are the small extruder gear, the extruder idler arm, the large extruder gear, the Rambo board small fuses, and potentially one of each size bearing holder. Print them in abs, 85% infil or better.

Thanks for the tip.

Any other tips on getting the best results when printing these? I had assumed you’d use “high-quality/high detail”, I downloaded the files for the small and large herringbone gears and printed them in HIPS (because that’s what we have available currently) using the high detail. I figured this will get us by for a while if we have a problem.

I’ll eventually get some ABS (or whatever other filament is most recommended for these parts) and reprint them. When I do, I want to make sure I’m using the best settings. When I looked at the g-code posted for these parts (same folder as the STL files), I noticed comments about a layer thickness of 0.3 and 65% or 74% infill (depending on which part you look at). There may be other tweaks to settings that I did not pick up on. I did not use that Gcode for my printing, since it seems to be aimed at a different filament than I was using.

So what is the best layer thickness to use on these gears? Is there a better quickprint setting to use as a starting point than “high detail” when setting this up? Are there other tweaks to make to those basic settings beyond layer thickness and infill %?

Usually, you have the .gcode files from lulzbot, they are ready to print (including speeds, layer thickness,…) they are optimized for lulzbot printers, this way you are sure to print same quality as stock parts.

They have both G-code and STL files available. I was hesitant to use the G-code files, since it seems to have some filament-specific settings (such as temperature - maybe other settings?), but don’t say what filament (I assume it’s ABS, but I don’t have any of that right now).

Exact, they are for ABS !
After starting the print, you can adjust temps and speeds with the LCD if needed :wink:

I’m a few years late here, but where can I get replacement part files for the Taz 6? Also, are there previews for the parts so I can know what I’m printing?

From some research it seems like I could use some of the files here, but I’m not sure if there is a better or more comprehensive place.

I know this post is a bit old, but you can find all of the files easily enough on the Lulzbot site. Go to the Store - Parts. Select your printer and you will get a list of all the parts available, along with pics to make sure it is the correct part. Once you open an individual part, you can scroll down to the bottom to Resources and Documentation for the .stl files.