Replacment printed parts for the Taz 5


I searched the forums but the terms are too common and couldn’t find any results. Where can I download stl files for printing Taz 5 parts? Specifically I just purchased a Flexi-Dually print head and noticed that the back most printed plate is cracked where one of the nut inserts are placed (in one of the “arms” that extend outward on each side).

I suppose I could return the entire assembly and ask for a replacement, but I thought it would be cheaper and easier just to reprint the part, and scavenge the hardware from the original.

Parts for the TAZ itself can be found preinstalled on the SD card. Other parts can be downloaded from or

When I want to find the STL, gcode, or BOM files, I typically go to the product page and go to the Links section:

From there select sources and it will drop you near the right place to look. In your case, the FlexyDually parts are under novelties (

Thanks but my SD card was blank.

I will check the links much appreciated.

Billy, you can use google to search most any site and forum like this:

“my search terms”

This a a great way to get very precise search results. I don’t even use site search boxes anymore.

Thanks again the part I needed was actually located under the standard dual extruder. I guess the only difference in the printed parts between the flexy and the standard dual is the part the flexy section mounts to. My part was the back plate which is identical to both and only located with the standard dual files.

What settings should I use for the stock Taz 5 printed parts (used to make the printer itself)? Mostly curious about strength settings like shells and infill percentage.

Also do the STL files need to be scaled up a little to account for ABS shrinkage or is that already accounted for?

I’ve only printed a couple of my own taz parts, but I didn’t adjust the size at all. I did mine with a .25mm layer height and 60% infill in ABS. They came out nicely.

Thanks you!

The gcode used to print the originals are what I use when I print TAZ parts. They are usually found next to the STL files.

I wanted to mention that you will need to make sure you check your nozzle size, as many of the parts that have the pre-existing gcode file are made to use the 0.5 MM nozzle. They tend to use the larger nozzle size to print them faster, but they are tweaked to run fast and give a good print result. So if you have a 0.35 MM nozzle they will not be quite the same as the original.

Thanks yeah I have the.35 and I don’t use slic3r either. I use simplify 3d. But in looking at the gcodes I can mimick what they did for the most part. Although I can’t see in the gcode where the infill percentage is. I will just go with 60% that should be very solid.

I’ve sliced and printed a few of the STLs (from and they seem fine with no additional scaling. If I were looking for an exact replica, I’d probably go with the gcode files. If you watch the print its possible to use the flow rate on the LCD panel to compensate for the different nozzle openings. I would guess that a .5 nozzle requires less filament than the .35 nozzle… therefore a flow rate of 105-110% could compensate. If the nozzle begins to hit the edge of the print after a few layers, reduce the flow rate.

Honestly, I’d probably try the gcode “as is” and compare the outcome… Pick a small part as the test. :slight_smile: bearing holder comes to mind.

I think most of them are 75% but it is in the top of the file.

; fill_density = 0.75

Oh good catch. I haven’t printed it yet so thanks for that.