TAZ 5 and Printing Spare Parts

Hello All (first post),

I’ve had my great TAZ 5 up and running for about a couple of weeks. I’ve been wondering about printing backup parts. There are a ton of different versions of each part. Which versions should I use (or are there parts that are better than the stock parts)?

For instance, the herringbone small gear at http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/5.0/production_parts/printed_parts/herringbone_small_gear/herringbone_small_gear-.35noz/ has larger versions of the file all the way up to 25 meg. Which version should I use?


The files for the parts on your machine are all on the SD card that came with the machine.

I printed a full set except for the large Y ends. They are so sturdy, I can’t imagine breaking one.

Thank you nopick. But there looks to be mutiple versions… I assume .35noz-t means the user is using a .35 mm nozel. Then there is the 2x, 4x, 5x, 9x, and 25x gcode files… Which file would be the right one? Obviously they are larger (higher resolution) as the number goes up.

go here, as you already know:
Just grab the .stl for the 1.1 version and print it with your own print settings.
same for the large gear
version 1.3 .stl file and print to your own flavor.

I did mine with Taulman Bridge and it is way better for wear but I can’t use the .gcode files because they are designed for running with ABS or PLA.

I believe that the 2x, 4x ext. are actually the number of that part the gcode will produce. The small gear is so small that printing a single one in abs gets a real short time between layers.

I would recommend taking the .stl file from the sd card or devel site and slicing it with your own slicer configuration. Your slicer set up is likely more optimized for your printer / filament combo.

I’ve also been thinking about this… Are the gears that come with the machine printed in PLA or are they ABS?

They are ABS. Do not attempt to use PLA ones, there is enough heat there to soften them quite a bit over time and they will warp.

Part failures I have had over many many many hours of printing:
Idler arms
Extruder bearings (have 3 sealed-type bearings on hand, you will wear them out eventually)
Extruder gears, more small than large ones
Cracked an extruder carriage once mid print, still have no idea why to this day as it wasn’t under a particular amount of stress
Z motor mount blocks at the rod mount.