Reusing Bed Auto Leveling M29 From Last Probing

Does anyone know how to implement G28 / G29 / M500 to store the bed probe data in EEPROM and reuse the G29 data for the next print job? I would like to only do a G28 for the next print job without probing the bed again w/ G29. Any ideas?

I have the plain Mini and a Mini 2. On the plain Mini I run it with Simplify3D. Simplify3D allows me to adjust the Z starting point of my layer. It’s like a Z offset. It so happens that my table on my Mini is flat and equal distance on all 4 corners. Simplify3D also allows me to change the G code for the probing and wiping. I eliminated both so it skips the wiping and probing. Works great. Faster to print and much more predictable first layer.

I don’t believe the bed probe data is currently stored in EEPROM. To change that would require creating (and maintaining) custom Marlin firmware. I’m also not sure how much room is left in the EEPROM.

The Marlin documentation for G29 references M420 and M421. Using these you should be able to save and restore the bed probe data.