Room Temperature Inquiry

Ladies, Gentlemen,
I am locating my Lulzbot Taz 6 printer under the HVAC duct where the cool air is pouring, does this affect any of the following:

  • 3D prints quality?
    -Hardware (Extruder, & Printing Bed)?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing from you.


It is going to affect layer cooling time which could cause layer lifting(aka - lifting off the heat bed and layer delamination).

The layer lifting may definitely happen, but you will see it more on certain filaments. A lot of the higher printing temperature filaments (ABS, some nylons, Polycarbonate) will have a much harder time printing, as they print much better when the area around the printer is at a higher temperature. Lower printing temperature filaments (PLA, nGen and other PETG) will do much better, but still may have a few issues if the cooling is too high. In some cases, if the air is cool enough, it can cause the tool head or bed to error out with a mintemp error, as the tool head/heat bed is cooling too much (this is a rare issue, but I have seen it come up before). If your printer needs to be under the vent, you may want to look into getting/making an enclosure for your printer to keep the airflow off, and the temperature consistent.