Taz 6 Nozzle touches print when printing solid layers

I have been trying to print smaller and smaller layers and right now I am just trying to .1mm layer high. When I do start printing smaller layers I notice the print head starts to touch the print after a printing a few solid layers and the filament ends up warping a little on the edges while printing but then evens back out once it hits a spot of infill less than 100%.

I have tried making sure the filament size is correct in Cura, messing with the feed setting and setting it lower, lowering the hotend temperature and I have been able to help a little but I am starting to think it may be a physical adjustment on the printer itself any ideas why I would run into this issue the smaller I make the layer heights?

To me it looks like not enough cooling, ie heat creep. Thats a very fine, skinny, long detailed horn/antenna there that wouldn’t take much heat from the hotend being close to it a lot to make it warp a bit.

I think you are right, I messed with the fan settings and bumped it up to 100% and saw better results but still had issues with the ears. Any tips on how to get the layers to cool before printing the next layer like setting the print speed to a lower setting or replacing the stock fan ducts with more focused ones?

I also tried just printing two copies and that gave the layers more time too cool before the next one went down.

I believe I’ve seen a “minimum print time/layer” setting somewhere in an app which will delay the printing for layers that don’t take x seconds to print so you could set it to like 20 seconds and if it takes 5 seconds to do a layer it will pause for 15 more before it continues. I have only used cura and Simplify3d but not sure atm where I’ve seen it. However I’m not sure if that would help because the hotend needs to move away from the small antenna for it to cool more and I think that will just pause for x seconds at the last print point before moving on. That part is so small even when the nozzle is in the middle of the figures head it’s still just a cm or so away from the antenna so it might not get a chance to cool enough. I’m really just guessing now. I haven’t used that feature but remember seeing it and the description.

I tried the one that will lift off the nozzle and wait for the set amount of time per layer but it added a bunch of stringing since the nozzle would ooze while waiting. Not sure I would use that option again. I was hoping someone knew of a nozzle that fit the Taz 6 that focused directly on the extruded plastic.

I have seen a couple around and wondered why you would want to change out the stock one but after dealing with this issue on the smaller prints with low layer heights I can see why someone would want it more focused.