Roughish print, looking to improve

T: 228
B: 85


Using Slic3r and Printrun, both of the latest versions.

Using modified versions of the FastAbsNoSupport Lulzbot factory settings.

Looking for some feedback. Just seems like I haven’t been able to get the smoothness I’ve been looking for out of a few of these prints.

Any ideas?


I’m not an expert in 3D printing but based on what you’ve written I can share some general ideas to help based on what I’ve seen from my own experiences.

For Smoother prints you could try:

Increase the # of Perimeters
Slow down your print speed
Decrease your layer height
For prints with low layer times (guessing from your image) Sometimes the fan helps with abs prints
Try using the Medium or FineABS print settings from lulzbot. Typically the slower the print the better the result. These settings also lower layer height and print speeds accordingly.
Ensure your Filament extrusion widths are correct for the filament you have loaded.

If you are willing to post your .STL File I would be more than happy to try and print it and show you the results with my settings to see if there is a significant change.

I’ve modified the medium print setting from lulzbot to turn the fan on automatically with the following settings while printing small gears with descent success:

Enable Auto Cooling:
Fan settings:
Fan Speed: Min 30 / Max 60
Bridge fan speed 100%
Disable fan for first 3 layers
Enable fan if layer print time below 30s
Slow down if layer print time is below 5s
Min Print Speed 10mm/s

Also what percentage and type of infill are you using? I’ve heard people using concentric infill have had good success with circular parts printing better.
Lastly using an Acetone vapor bath provides and excellent smoothing and glossy finish to ABS parts if you have the patience to research a safe way to do it.

Let me know if anything above helped and good luck printing!

All are good points :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply. I’ll speak to them individually below.

I would say everything helped, hell, I don’t think anything wouldn’t help :slight_smile:

I appreciate you taking the time to help brainstorm!



In your response:
“Thats why I lowered the temps, I find the fan ends up cause de-lam in most cases with abs so I dropped the operating temps to get good adhesion without prolonging the setup time”

I noticed you said that you lowered the temps to avoid using the cooling fan. I’ve actually started doing the opposite for low layer time objects. I increase the temp for ABS to 235 and turn the fan on to manually to maximum during the print (after the first 2-3 layers). The higher temperature allows me to maintain strong layer adhesion while the fan minimizes funky layer appearances without reducing print speeds.

The only other thing I would recommend is that for thin objects try using the Lulzbot edition of Cura (14.09 current version as of this post) instead of Slic3r (except when any bridging is required). For whatever reason it appears to be be a significantly better slicer when it comes to layer adhesion. While i’m sure this is due to my novice level of skill and not knowing what settings to modify in slic3r i still get better results in Cura and for me thats a great start. In comparison to the lulzbot profiles for ABS in Slic3r vs Cura. With the Cura version all of my parts break as a solid piece without any delam whereas slic3r seems to want to delaminate with force.