Layer and creamy help!

Deal Lulzbot world,
Hello! Thanks to Lulzbot I am up and running. Yes! But, on my first print I was trying to print the fan duct that helps cool multiple parts of exctruder. After a serious PLA jam I needed help! Does the thingaverse need to print with support?

Now the layer adhesion was rough on this print. Any hints?

I’ve also had trouble with the bottom of the print seeming smooshy. Coud is just be a leveling issue? I’m using dark silver ABS and the fine ABS profile from Lulzbot.

Thanks for any/all help and advice!!!

I can suggest a few things, but not sure if they’ll help your situation.
For that part, you don’t need the fine profile. I printed mine with medium. This might make the print go better.
Regarding the layer adhesion, do you have any cold drafts or just cold air around the print area? My print quality and layer adhesion improved greatly when I enclosed the print area. Right now I just throw an old blanket over the whole printer. I’m careful not to create a fire hazard. I also keep the fan vents clear. The build plate warms the inside up to around 100 degrees F when I’m printing ABS, and that helps a lot. I hope to get a real chamber build this fall.


from the first image, it looks like you have a layer delamination problem.
As jebcom said, it happens because there is no constant temperature around your print.
ABS prints tend to delaminate because of cooling and they shrink when they cool off. So the chamber would really help.
That solved it for me! You can use your box that came with the printer, to enclose it

The other image looks like the nozzle is to close or you extrude too much, so it smooches the plastic
It is very important to fine level your bed.
For me it worked with a thin sheet of paper to check the pressure from under the nozzle in four corners of the bed. The paper should be able to slide freely, but still to feel some pressure

When you sort the leveling, see if you still have the problem

good luck

What temperature settings were you running on those?

bed and extruder temps?

Thanks all for the help!

I was running the default that the Lulzbot site recommends 230 and 85. should i adjust?

I haven’t used that exact ABS, but all the other ABS filament I have from Lulzbot works fine for me at 230 and 85. But I almost always use either medium or fast profiles.

Have you successfully printed other ABS parts with fine profile? If not, I suggest slicing this part with medium profile, because there’s really no need for fine. Also try printing with a warmer print chamber area.

After you get good prints with the medium profile, then you might want to try fine, but in my limited experience with fine, it seems more finicky and less tolerant of variations in leveling, temperature, etc.