Rubber belt/tank track

I’ve upgraded my AO-101 with the FlexiStruder and thought I’d show some of my results.
Please feel free to ask questions.
I’ve uploaded my Slic3r v1.0.0RC2 config ini just in case you find that useful.
Oh and I’ve been using NinjaFlex filamant from
Flexi.ini (3.15 KB)

2014-01-22 19.22.49.jpg

2014-01-19 00.04.09.jpg

Huh, neat! I want to print a tank soon myself. What temperature does that stuff print at, and about how much does it run?

Hi piercet, I’ve been running the hotend @220 and the bed @50.
Sticks very well to the standard AO-101 bed with the PET sheet still on.
I think I could drop to 215 but 210 seemed not to flow too well.

The main thing I found so far, is to try to get a constant print speed, as it does ooze quite a lot.

The place in the UK I got the Ninjaflex from charge ~£5 for 10m of 3mm filament, I think that’s about $8. A full real (0.75kg) is £56.

That’s not bad actually pricewise. I’m having trouble finding a source over here at the moment that has any in stock. That tank tread looks absolutely amazing though!

Also, PET Sheep is officially the best typo ever!

Oh wow, really cool. Do you have to print with high infill to get it to flex without tearing?

Hi bwanamukubwa, The belts/tank tracks have no in-fill at all. They are just 2 perimeters ‘thick’ @ 0.6mm each.
The rubber cup is printed in vase mode - so only 1 perimeter, although I did set that to be 1.2mm.

I’ve since printed a vase with no base (i.e. another belt, but spiral instead of layers) that is only 0.6mm thick and it’s still very strong and almost no stretch (which surprised me a lot).


This stuff is super strong. One extrusion width wide is even strong. If you do two extrusion widths, you can barely pull it apart. It is really robust. It’s awesome, I can’t wait til it becomes more common.

How do you find the cup for use-ability? Able to safely transport beverages without worry of swishing and the beverage spilling over?