Run Extruder to Edge of Aluminum

So I have a taz 5 and some cheap wire brushes I got at HF. I have stuck one to the upper left corner on the y axis of my machine to use as a wiper. I know the bed can move to make the extruder wipe against the brush manually but the firmware or something in the Taz wont allow it. Does anyone know where I would have to make this change to allow this process to be scripted through g code?

Do not use a wire brush. This can cause a short in your hot end, and destroy your RAMBo board. I repeat, do not use a wire brush.

The wiping sequence is contained in the start gcode. If you would like to incorporate it you can find it in any of our TAZ 6 profiles found here:

We hope this helps!

I second this in all caps DO NOT USE THE WIRE BRUSH!!!