Taz 4 mod - extruder auto wipe like the taz mini

Is there a way to implement the taz mini extruder wipe before it prints on a taz 4 or taz 5?

You would want to mod a part to hold the wiper somewhere the extruder can reach and then add the code to move it though that area to your print setup. To my knowledge no one has done that yet for a tax. Wouldn’t be too hard though.

Wouldn’t be too difficult… Try some brackets that slip onto the aluminum plate under the print bed.

But if you’re just trying to get rid of the preheat ooze, a brim or skirt would “clean” the nozzle. The skirt/brim basically traps most of the pre-extrusion ooze…

The skirt or brim comes with the added benefit of priming the nozzle with filament. Just make sure to extrude about 10-20mm to prime.

Also found that if the nozzle height is adjusted correctly in the center of the bed, homing in the X0 Y0 corner may also remove straggling ooze.