Modified wipe code for other toolheads to use Dual V3 wipe pad

As part of the Dual Extruder V3 upgrade there is a triple wide wipe pad that replaces the single wipe pad shipped with the TAZ 6. While you have to insert and remove the Z-min stop extension, you do not have to switch the wipe pad when not using the Dual V3.

After watching the wipe part of the start gcode for the Aerostruder and the original Single Extruder V2.1, it occurs to me that the wipe part of their start gcode could be rewritten to take advantage of the triple wide wipe pad (and distribute the wiped filament across the whole thing). Has anyone undertaken this modification? Would anyone be interested in this modification?

That’s a great way to use the full wipe volume!

I have attached a .zip file which contains the default wipe code (CuraTAZ6Wipe.gcode) and a modified TAZ 6 wipe code (CuraTAZ6Wipe3.gcode) for the Single Extruder V2.1 and the Aerostruder. The modified wipe code uses more of the triple wide pad that is shipped with the Dual Extruder V3.

Warning: Do not modify the wipe code for any of the single extruders unless you have the triple wide pad as this modified code will hit the sides of the original single wide pad holder.

The attached files are usable as is. They will zero XY, then Z, wipe the nozzle, and quit. However, you probably want to edit the start gcode you are using replacing the lines between the comments “move above wiper pad” and “raise extruder”. (1.01 KB)