Ryno Filament: print settings?

Has anyone used Ryno filament for Matterhackers? It is supposed to be easy to print like PLA but have good strength like ABS. Also I understand it sands really well… which is why I am interested in it.

I just got my first roll and I’m printing a roctopus using PLA high speed Cura Profile settings, but just changed the print temperature to 240º

from the website:

High quality prints are the goal with every filament, and PRO Series Ryno makes it easier than ever. Superior bed adhesion is just the start with this professional quality 3D printer filament. Like other copolyesters, Ryno is excellent at bridging as well as retraction to keep all of your parts clean without any need for post-processing. Bringing Ryno into your filament library is extremely easy thanks to it’s ease of printing and easy to achieve fantastic results.

I guess that would be a “no”