Saggy modular heat bed

just put a new modular heat bed on my taz… its super saggy everywhere but the corners…

Support wants to RMA but but I dont think it will solve the problem. The metal sheet seems too thin and gravity will just pull it down regardless.

Id be curious how others modular heat beds are holding up over time.

(not the greatest photo of the problem…)

For my Taz5 printer support had me put 4 Taz6 wiper pads under the heater to support it as a temporary fix.
I am attaching the picture below on how the pads were arranged. The pads actually do support the head bed up against the glass and has uniform heating across the glass bed.

If your printer is a Taz5 I would mention this to support as my heated bed went back and forth 3 times before they came up with the temporary fix. You might ask about a permanent fix too.