Sale at the Lulzbot Store?

Hello - Just curious, is the Lulzbot store going to have a sale anytime soon? If so, I’ll be saving up to make a massive purchase :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


We are actually going to put a bunch of random things on clearance real-soon-now. This is primarily older stuff, but still totally useful (e.g. Tosduinos).

How random are we talking here? Will there be any random Moose for sale? What about feral chickens? Or Fancy hats?

Precisely :slight_smile: See also:

I’m holding out for the fancy hats…

I’m actually kind of surprised no one has 3d printed a top hat yet.

BAM and I have, as part of this:

BAM: Post that picture!

Might be kind of small for a full size peoples though!

Awesome…I’ll be watching! :sunglasses:

If we include Uline freebies and other crap, we could get pretty random. :wink:

I could getcha an Elk, a Modern Game hen, and a horndribble hat. Maybe just a photo of the elk.

There’s probably a market for pictures of Elks wearing horndribble hats with a modern game hen standing on their heads.

How about Anne Elk? Or at least a theory by Anne Elk.

I was wondering if LulzBot does Black Friday sales… The reason being is I am trying to convince my fater to get the LulzBot Mini a little earlier that Christmas :wink:
Thabk you,

There will be a sale on the mini and the taz starting at midnight in the online store.

Is it normal that for Belgium Europe the black friday sales is not working?
The price change from 1950$ to 2340$when I go to my shopping cart.

Same here Bereddy, I am trying to order one myself, and appearantly isn’y available for The Netherlands. Tried calling Lulzbot, but it seems they are off for black friday :frowning: Hope we can get on this sweet deal :smiley: