Settings for curved over-hangs

I’m printing ABS on a mini.
I’m using large brims and most parts come out pretty decent.
Parts with curved over-hangs are not good.
Sloped overhangs are fine.

The feature in the following image is a cylinder with rounded ends.
The upper half has the correct shape but something happened with the support material.

411792-00-X2 ( ANCHOR LIFT HANDLE) .STL (930 KB)
Here the feature that failed is a sweeping curve and again there was a gap between the support material and part.
Structure Type: Lines
Angle: 0
Fill: 30%
Distance x/y: 1.5
Distance z: 0.15
The distance values are the defaults.

Any suggestions?


What slicer (and version) and slicing profile are you using? If you’re not using Cura LulzBot Edition, please install the latest version and repeat your print, using one of the included preset slicing profiles for ABS, with support material activated.

That’s one of the few situations where a fan on an ABS part is going to be beneficial. The section of the first picture probably was too small of a layer to print properly without some fan. The other picture could also use a tiny amount of fan for the duration of the curve print. with ABS except for very small layers, adding fan results in a much weaker part, so use the fan settings carefully. The Cura profiles Orias mentioned are probably a good place to start for a good balance.