Several extruder questions...

I;ve had my new TAZ 4 for a bit more then two months.
I went through a whole 2Kg spool of Lulzbot black ABS.

I just received a new 5Kg roll of Lulzbot black ABS…

I started a new print… (Cura says it will take 18 hours) some time about 6 hours in the hobbed bolt strips the
the filament and it stops printing…This was using the Lulzbot fine ABS setting with 100% fill.
These are the same settings as 95% of my prints.

So I have several questions…
I changed nothing in settings, height etc… just filament.
Should I have changed something?If so what?

I’ve tried several times to restart and now it won’t even print the first layer, what is the procedure for cleaning the hobbed bolt, do you do it in place or if not how do you remove it?

Yep. Clean the hobbed bot with a brush… Rotate theherringbone gear to get to other teeth. Make sure to cut the bad filament off where the hobbed bolt chewed through.

Heat up the hot end and manually feed the filament through the hotend. Support the extruder with one hand and press the filament through with idler open. If nothing then, the nozzle is probably clogged.

Some cold pulls may clear the clog. Heat up the filament to extrusion temp, then let hotend cool 20-30C. Open the idler, pull the filament put. If done right, the result should be a conical imprint of the nozzle. Search the forums for cold pull… I’ve seen much better instructions with pictures. :slight_smile: