Adjusting Y Axis to Mini


I am the new tech ed teacher at my school and am working with some ancient Lulzbot mini printers. I don’t think they have been used in over 2 years and they are not in great shape. I have one looking like it is ready to run until I tried to move the Y axis. I started a print and kept getting a wipe nozzle failure. The nozzle is not clogged but the Y axis is LOUD. I tried to attach a video but it won’t load. It kind of grinds as I try to move the axis 10mm at a time. I have no idea how to repair this. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thank you!

Could be anything from a physical obstruction of the belt, a loose belt, loose grub screw, failed stepper, or failed stepper driver.

Best thing is to post it up to youtube and give us a link.

Thank you! Here is a link to the youtube video.

Does the Y axis move smoothly when (gently) moving it by hand when the machine is off? Make sure it does to rule out a physical problem with the rails or bushings.

The belts appear to be properly tight from what I can see in the video, but verify that the gear isn’t turning without engaging the belt.

Look closely at the flat spot of the motor shaft inside the gear for the Y axis. Is it spinning inside the gear without turning it? If so, ensure that one of the set screws is pushed against the flat spot, and that the other screw is tight. They should have “blue” threadlocker on them to prevent them from moving.

If the shaft is not spinning inside the gear, it looks like it’s either a dead stepper motor (cheap) or the control board (expensive). If you have a spare motor, (from say, another toolhead) it’s easy to test. If you do not have a spare motor, the Z motors are fairly easy to remove and swap with the Y motor to test. If it turns out it is the motor, $22 from lulzbot - NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, LDO - INCLUDING Adapter | or you can find another nema-17 motor, but you’ll have to ensure the motor is wired the same, or you can blow your stepper driver on the control board.

If swapping motors doesn’t move the problem along with the motor, then it’s almost certainly the board. $150 from lulzbot - Einsy Retro Board 1.0 Retail | LulzBot 3D Printer Part or anywhere else that sells the einsy retro board. You’ll have to flash the firmware in either case.

Try flashing the most recent firmware. Someone might have jacked with the current settings on the motors.