Mini 1 having strange layer shifts

I have a mini 1 that has been working great for years. It has recently been doing a really funky layer shift thing. It has an aerostruder hot end. I have had that hotend for a while. I did recently add a motor damper to the y-axis. Any thoughts on what I should check? The cura screenshot is for reference of how it prints.

If your shifts are occurring mainly along the Y-axis, it’s going to be related to the mount or the belt tension. Reach out to the support team for assistance at If you don’t mind, reprint your model, leave it on the bed, and take a picture of it, to help determine which axis needs the most attention.

will do

If the shifts are in the Y-axis, and given that you said you just added a dampener to the Y axis, re-check the set screw on the Y-axis pulley. A loose set screw or loose belt tension may be the culprit.

Hello ! I have a Lulzbot MINI for a few years. I changed recently the entire wires from the nozzle head. From that moment it shifts layers at some point in the print. I tighten all screw, changed the belt and one of the Stepper motor. The offset hav got much smaller . Now is at 10 mm aproximatly. Last part, shifted layers after about 2 hours. Any ideeas about what is happening ?