TAZ hacks at CSU

Just over 8 months ago, Lulzbot donated an AO-101 printer to a fledgling 3D printing lab at Colorado State University.From this AO-101 and a pair of Afinia H-series printers, They’ve built some great custom TAZ printers for the school and community.


A Taz mini huh? That looks interesting! any files available if someone wanted to play with one of those? Looks cool!

All of the printed parts are identical to the regular TAZ, but the aluminum extrusion and the 10mm rods are changed to 400mm instead of 500mm (you can order these from misumi in the shortened length, or cut them if you’ve already got a TAZ). It uses a 200mm bed from the Mendel and AO-10x printers, with a modified bed plate (I can post the dxf if anyone is interested).

It’s only marginally cheaper to build than a full sized printer, but it transports nicely and doesn’t take up quite as much of the desk (one of the reasons they’re used @ CSU).

Hope this helps

I’ll have to measure my AO series printer parts and see if it has any 400mm lengths in it and see if it would convert. Maybe that will be the next project “build a converta-TAZ!” kit

The longest aluminum t-slots on the AO-10x are 385mm (2 pieces at the top) then 380mm (4 pieces).

Hmm, sounds like there won’t be quite enough to build one (unless you want to get really creative :slight_smile:)

They’re a pretty good deal from misumi, something like $4 dollars a piece.

Apart from easy transportation, what would be the main advantages of a mini TAZ over the AO-10x?

Will you post the dxf for the modified bed plate?


The TAZ mini has a bit more Z height, and benefits from a lot of the changes that we made going from the AO-101 to the TAZ, including:

*It’s got beefier 10mm rods supporting the x and y axes

*it’s got a bit more z-height (150mm vs 100)

*It’s got a quick disconnect extruder mount that allows you to swap extruders/toolheads easily (our upcomming dual extruder kit is a drop in replacement)

*you’ll get a bit of an increase in stability from the wider bushing spacing with the option to drop in LM10UU ball bearing slides if you need/want the increase in precision (be warned, this makes the machine a LOT louder).

*the change from ACME drive rods to M8 rods with dual sprung nuts and wobbly z couplers got rid of a lot of the banding problems that could pop up in the AO-10x machines.

That’s all that I can think of. I love the AO-10x printers, but I’m using a TAZ mini to test out new parts and I definitely prefer it

Hope that helps

Orias: I’ll try to dig that file up when I get home tonight

Thanks. I’ll give it some more thought. There’s already a simple mod to raise Z height to 160mm on an AO-10x.

I’ve been thinking of changing the ACME 3/8-12 leadscrews to M5, and keep the 8mm smooth rods. Would a mini TAZ really need 10mm/M8 ?

Anyway, this might be better discussed elsewhere. Those Mini-TAZ sure look cool! :slight_smile:

The extra stiffness of a 10MM rod should increase stability, particularily on the X axis. I’ve been considering going that route with a modification, but if I am going to go to the trouble of swapping out the entire bearing set, I’d almost rather go with some linear rails. The screws themselves are fine once you get an anti backlash assembly of some sort on them. mine at least are very straight and have no deflection issues that thicker screws would solve, though thicker ones would reduce the chance of inadvertant damage ever.