Sidekick 747 bed test points

I have a question. id there a way to increase the bed test points? I know I could decompile it then change the value and recompile it. I was wondering if there is another work around that people use? I have a print that takes up the whole bed and right now it is less than desirable.

I haven’t played around with it and am not sure if the firmware has limitations but have you looked at:

I have. I was hoping that the devs would know or know if the firmware memory can support 25 to 30 points

According to, the Sidekick 747 uses AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR with a 4x4 grid (line 2205 in Configuration.h).

I don’t see any obvious G29 parameters to increase the grid size to 5x5 or 6x6 so you may have to compile your own firmware. I own a TAZ 6 so I’m limited to the 4 corner washers.

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You can definitely compile your own firmware to increase the grid points.
In the Configuration.h file, you will need to locate:


Here is where you would modify this value per the printer you have.
A value of 3 gives a 3x3 grid, a value of 4 gives a 4x4 grid, and so on.

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