Silicone Heater, is not recognized by the printer

Hello everyone

I had to remove the thermistor because it burned, I replaced it with a new one from the same brand (100k Honeywell Thermistor), after connecting the silicone heater again, the printer does not detect the temperature of the bed.

Also buy a new silicone heater, but the same thing happens, when I connect it, does not detect it, it does not heat up.

Any idea what might be happening?



That’s the correct thermistor so the issue could be elsewhere on the printer. Open the control box (where the Rambo is located) and see if there is any issues with the wires. You’ll want to check the purple ones coming from the connector for the bed. Also, be sure to check to see if you see any issues with the components on the Rambo board itself.

I would recommend contacting our 24/7 Support team at