How do I print from T1 with T0 support structures


I have a Flexydually and I would like to print the main object with T1 (Ninjaflex) and have T0 (ABS) become the support structure. Does anyone have any pointers as to how I might be able to do this?

Cura doesn’t seem to work and tries to print from T0 with T1 supports.


I use Simplify3D, it does what you are looking for. Please note that Simplify3D is not simple. I think they should have named it Complicated3D. It does have lots of bells and whistles, however not all of the bells and whistles play nice together all of the time, sometimes it does unexpected things when doing a dual extrusion. For example it has a wipe option which is an awesome option that keeps the nozzle moving during a retract, except that the wipe command overrides the “retract filament during a tool change” command and on some models it fails to retract during a tool change, which it not a good thing because when it does this, the ninjaflex extruder doesn’t retract and you get tons of ooze. So basicaly with ninjaflex, you can’t use all of the bells and whistles. I’ve found lots of other little issues with the software. Overall it does what I need with the flexydually, and if they would resolve some of the issues that I found (I’ve sent them several messages) then I think it could be great software. That said, you can choose which extruder prints the supports with Simplify3D, that part works just fine. I guess the next question is: is that worth purchasing Simplify3D for?

Awesome thanks… I will give it a try. The software is 149$ usd

Are there any other solutions besides having to spend $149.00 For Simplify 3D?

I purchased s3D and still cannot get the flexy dually to print the support material separate from the ninjaflex. Everything gets printed with the T0 filament. Any help? Thanks

I recently purchased a dual extruder and a flexy dually. I’ve used both for some simple tests, but haven’t tried a model that needed support material yet. Warning: Below is just an idea (not tested by me yet…)

I am assuming you already tried the drop down in cura “Support dual extrusion” on basic tab and specified to use the first extruder for support. Perhaps at this point it used the rear extruder for everything (support and model.) Is that correct?

The order you click STL’s for “dual extrusion merge” controls which extruder is used for each STL. So, if the support could be a separate STL, then this would be another way to control which extruder is used for model. But it is probably more convenient to use cura for generating the supports. So I have one more idea.

If cura must generate supports… first, use dual extrusion merge to combine your model with a throw-away model, perhaps a small cube. Click the small cube first (for back extruder) then right click your flex model and merge. If the coordinates of the cube are right, they would be “merged” but still not actually overlap. This order of clicking would tell cura that your real, flex model should be on second extruder. Then, select the drop down in cura “Support dual extrusion” on basic tab and specify to use only the first extruder for support. (So the first extruder would do support as well as the separate throw-away cube…)

Aside: I did earlier do a flex only print, no supports, by manually editing the gcode to switch the extruder activation near the top of the file. I shut off the rear extruder and printed flex only. It printed 50mm forward on the build plate compared to where it “thinks” it is printing, but it worked okay. My backup plan was something like the above idea with a throw-away model which I didn’t test yet. Since you actually do need both materials, I would NOT try modifying gcode… offsets would be tricky, etc… But combining the dual merge order with the drop down to choose your support material should work if my understanding is correct.

You are saying that when you tell it in the support tab in S3D process settings to use the primary extruder(T0) for the support extruder and secondary (T1) for the layer tab it does not work.