Have a TAZ PRO that I am trying to use with Simplify3D.
I need to enter the extruder offset to get accurate profile set up in S3D.
That information was available for the dual extruder tool head on my Taz 6 but I cannot find it anywhere.
Does anyone have this info or know where I can get it?

Through your LCD screen go to Menu > Advanced Settings > Nozzle Offset. This will report X, Y, and Z offsets as currently set.

Are you using the dual extruder profile in Simplyfy3D or is there a Taz Pro printer available? Thanks!

When I wanted to use S3D with my TAZ 6 Dual Extruder V3 I had to add it as a custom printer. This involved creating a profile including (modified) start code and end code.

For the TAZ 6, CuraLE generates G-Code that has the offset for the second nozzle (or the offsets for both nozzles) handled within CuraLE. S3D (by default) leaves the offset(s) to be handled by the firmware (using the M218 command to set them).

In order to print parts sliced by either slicer in any order, I added an M218 T1 X0 Y0 command to the CuraLE start code and then put an M218 T1 X13 Y0 command into my modified S3D start code.

I’m not sure how the TAZ Pro nozzle offset(s) (and the raise and lower part) are handled in CuraLE but if it is in the slicer like it is for the TAZ 6, then the printer definition should include the offset(s) you need. If, on the other hand, the firmware is in charge, then take a look at the .config file for the version of firmware in the TAZ Pro at http://devel.lulzbot.com/software/Marlin/.

I think this is the answer:

#define HOTEND_OFFSET_X {0.0, 43}
#define HOTEND_OFFSET_Y {0.0, 0}

Thanks for your replies.
Was able to confirm the proper nozzle offset and entered it in S3d. So far so good!

Do you mind sharing your settings? Did you create a new profile or pick from an existing TAZ model? Bed size and nozzle wipe positions are all new - wondering what you used. Thank you!

Hey Elfa45, it would be great help if you can share your settings. I want to try S3d with TAZ Pro as well.