Slicer Extrusion Settings

I have been more curious about the Extrusion settings in Slic3r in the advance mode. I been searching here in the forum and in other locations, but not finding any answers. I hope some one can help.

I am wanting to know is what or how the mathematics is apply to each setting that is high lighted in red?

Ok after having some time free. I re-read my question and thought that was a little pointless to ask. I was more concern about the Default Extrusion Width. So, I poked around a bit more on searching and came across this link here.

I know that Lulzbot has a method of similar on Extruder Calibration, but was not able to find anything about Default Extrusion Width. The link help in order to figure out how to do the flow rate calibration. I am very happy that my Extrusion Multiplier at default of 1 is exactly where it needs to be set.

As for the other settings that is listed. Those are self explanatory now after having quiet time to myself.

I do want to say thank you Lulzbot for taking time in showing to check Extruder Calibration.

Most people use that section to override Slic3r’s default extrusion width settings, for thicker extrusions in various parts of the build, or for thinner extrusions, for example, the top surface layer, to have a very smooth surface layer.