Snapped Nozzle - with solution

So each day in 3D printing brings new challenges and learning and figured I would pass on a solution in case this happens to you. This one was on my Taz6 but I imagine it could happen on any FDM printer, and I found a creative solution. So my extruder really clogged with HTPLA, and refused to unclog with the usual techniques, etc and ultimately I decided to remove the nozzle and unclog it.

The nozzle snapped off at the threads as it was so encrusted with plastic. Support at Lulzbot told me I needed a whole new hot end? really? Tried a whole bunch of things to get it out, then it hit me, and brought in my bolt extractor kit, and voila (a tad scary to unscrew a “nut” at 165C but it nicely backed it out easily and smoothly). Now back to printing…

Has this ever happened to anyone?

This is a known issue with the way the Hexagon nozzles tighten up against the heater block and become over stressed when the heater block expands. I had a lot of trouble with this on my printers. To fully eliminate the problem, I switched to E3D V6 nozzles. They are longer and tighten internally against the hexagon heat brake rather than the heater block. Just something to consider if you continue to experience fractured nozzles.

The nozzle problem is discussed here.