So, no more AO-101 uh?

Hey guys,

So the AO-101 is officially discontinued? It didn’t get to live that long. :wink:

That’s a pity, it’s a good printer with a small footprint. Not everyone needs TAZ’s huge build volume. But I understand that you cannot afford timewise to produce two models with all those printed parts.

Well for anyone wanting a small form factor all is not lost, if you’re not aware the Lulzbot store is liquidating its old AO-100. At $1650 I can tell you it’s an absolute steal, because if the “Parts included” list is still valid, you get three 5lbs reels of ABS 3mm filament. Yes, three! Natural, red and black color.

Just do the math, substract 15 pounds’ worth of filament from the printer’s price… and with that you get a fully assembled printer that with minimal work can be upgraded to an AO-101… and get a 60mm print height increase (that’s almost 2 3/8"!) thanks to Seesoe’s mod, bringing the build volume to 190 x 200 x 160mm (7.9"x7.5"x6.3").

How come have they not be sold off already? :smiley:

OK, enough with the advertising. :mrgreen:

Ya, no more production of AO-101s, it is all TAZ now. :slight_smile: