So what do you think went wrong with my Taz print?

Printing with HIPS at recommended temperatures and ugh…it was tearing away. I am guessing during the night when the heat went lower the room got colder and might have attributed to this.

Is this normal for trying to print large without an enclosure?


I’ve never printed with HIPS. But if that were ABS, I’d recommend:

  • slightly higher extrusion temp… maybe 2-3C higher. This should keep the filament in a liquefied state longer to promote adhesion to the previous layer.
  • Turn off cooling from the fan… again, this is advice with ABS in mind… not sure for HIPS. Cooling too fast causes materials to contract. On top of poor layer adhesion, parts will split / delaminate.
  • Try a more forgiving material like PLA or PETG
  • Work on enclosing the printer or at the very least move the printer away from the window and A/C vents. There could be a change in temperature varying the ambient temps.

Hope that helps!

The creator of this birdhouse recommended printing in PLA also but this made no sense to me. Since PLA is more weather and heat sensitive and this is going outdoors in the sun, why would I choose PLA?

Does PLA only wear in extreme heat conditions. I thought that since PLA was plant based it was not good for outdoor conditions.

I have used ABS, HIPS and PETG extensively. I do not have my TAZ in a temperature chamber so I have seen this type of delamination frequently with ABS. I have also seen this type of delamination with HIPS but at a much lower frequency than ABS. I have yet to experience delamination with PETG.

So do you have any suggestions George or are you still also trying to find solutions?


I’ve had some delamination in some of my HIPS prints, usually on larger, thin walls. I found that lowering the fan speed and slowing the print speed helps.

My solutions are similar to those already noted: lowering the fan speed (up to and including turning it off) and slowing the print speed. However, for the most part, when I am printing large parts I tend to default to PETG. I just wish that PETG had a better range of colors. :slight_smile:

I have had warpage and delamination problems on large parts with both ABS and HIPS. I switched to PLA and those problems went away completely (although now I am struggling with heat creep).

I would think that if you are concerned about weathering with PLA you could coat or paint it with something.