So what's the deal with Lulz Cura vs Cura 3?

Who supports Cura 21.08? Does Lulzbot? Is Cura 3 coming to the Lulzbot world, or are they just forked products, now and forever?

The reason that I ask is that the 21.08 update totally broke my Fusion 360 workflow. Fusion can’t open Cura the way it used to. The only thing that changed was updating to 21.08. I’ve found a number of people with the same problem, but nobody seems to have a fix for it.

Cura has always played weird games with code signing on the mac (I think it’s like an app, which executes a bunch of python stuff?), so Fusion not having “sufficient privileges to launch print utility…” all of a sudden doesn’t surprise me. When I downloaded Cura 3, I saw that it’s an actual app now (well, a QT app, but beggars can’t be choosers). Fusion 360 has no problem launching that app and inserting my model.

Are there Taz 6 profiles for Cura 3? I didn’t see any, but maybe?


I poked at the 21.08 issue some more. taskgated is barfing on something. It seems to affect other python based “apps” as well. Here’s the error I see in Console:

default 18:27:39.422457 -0700 taskgated MacOS error: -67062

I noticed a few other links that pointed to an issue discussed here:

I downloaded Cura 3.0.4 today and noticed there were quite a few machines other than Ultimaker to choose from but no Lulzbot. I picked “Custom” and set up a machine based on Lulzbot Cura profile for my Taz 5. Once I unchecked “zero at center” which was my mistake, everything that I’ve tried works fine. I haven’t done very much with it yet though.

Would you be willing to post your profile? I’d like to tinker with it as well!

Woot! 2.6.52 works with F360 again.

Thanks Aleph’er Coders!

It works with Fusion 360, it just doesn’t print to my Taz 6 :frowning: